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Data Recovery For Hard Disk
Product:Data Recovery For Hard Disk
Category:Data Recovery Any Condition 100%Recovery
Brand:Western Digital
Warranty: Life Time
Shop:Success Computer
LOGICAL RECOVERY / OVERWRITTEN DATA RECOVERY / ELECTRONIC ISSUES / FIRMWARE ISSUES / MEDIA LEVEL RECOVERY / WATER / FIRE DAMAGED RECOVERY / FLASH DATA RECOVERY / SSD DATA RECOVERY ( Hard Disk / SSD (ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0) Memory cards, pen drives. ) For simple data loss case from hard drive, data recovery charges start from Rs.3,500. ( Cost : Depending on Work and Spares) (7 to 15 Days) Testing Charges : Rs. 750/- Data recovery charges for hard drive vary due to the cause of data loss and the volume of the hard drive. Data Recovery service in Chennai. without Recovery - No Cost. No matter what type of Any Hard Drive you rely on, our specialists Engg can restore it.
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