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Enter Mini USB Speaker Model No. E-S250
Product:Enter Mini USB Speaker Model No. E-S250
Warranty: 6 Months
Shop:Dream Line Enterprises
Model No. E-S250 Features: Line-in (external audio signal) switch directly connected to PC, MP3, Computer, Cell Phone, etc. Supporting Line-out sound signal directly connected to Power Amplifier and computer input. Built-in MP3 digital audio decoder chip with a sweet mellow and clear sound quality will help you to enjoy CD quality music and provide the high quality of life to you. Amplifier is creatively and boldly designed and the sound box structure is made with innovative optimization and adjustment, which improves the quality greatly Accompanying speaker for PC, MP3 and notebook Mellow and clear timbre Pure and elegant sound quality with unsurpassed effect In compliance with acoustics and aestetics rationale Flexible sound with distict tone levels Small sized design, easy to carry Technical Specification: 2.0 Channel Loudspeaker antimagnetic design Charge current voltage: DC 5.V 500mA Output power: 3Wx2 Output impedance: 40HM 3W Frequency response: 50-18000HZ SNR: ≤-80dB THD + N: <0.3% Built-in activ amplifier Line-in (external audio signal) switch directly connected to MP3, Computer, Cell Phone, etc
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